21 Best Work Friendly Coffee Shops In San Francisco

by Dave Glassanos

We're a 100% distributed team at Out Of Office, with employees based in Portland, San Francisco, SF Penninsula, and all the way down in San Diego. We're well aware of the pitfalls of working remote: loneliness, lack of community, increased distractions, and the difficulty of getting your day started. We're always looking for ways to tackle these problems head on and ensure we're staying productive.

We encourage all of our team members to get out of the house to explore their cities and discover new places to work. We believe that a fresh environment can inspire new ideas, boost creativity, and even lead to new opportunities through spontaneous conversations.

Not all coffee shops are created equal, however, and trekking across town to check out a new coffee shop can be risky if you have important work that needs to get done. There's the possibility of no seats available, not enough outlets, it's too loud to concentrate, or just not the right environment to do your best work.

Our San Francisco based employees started sharing their favorite coffee shops around the city where they were most productive, which we've listed below. All of these coffee shops are work friendly, have plenty of outlets, good WiFi, and offer a great environment that has allowed us to focus and get our work done.

We hope you find this list as helpful as we do, and maybe even discover a hidden gem you didn't know about before.

Here's the list:

The Financial District
Local Cafe
Trendy cafe serving acai bowls and lattes in FiDi.
West Portal
Ballast Coffee
Idyllic coffee shop for WFH days in West Portal.
Gather Cafe
Hidden gem coffee shop for anything and everything in SoMa.
Mission Bay
The Point
Light and bright coffee shop & office lobby for techies in Mission Bay.
Andytown Coffee Roasters
Instagrammable coffee shop & public open space for laptop warriors in SoMa.
Western Addition
Klatch Coffee
First SF location for this award-winning SoCal coffeehouse, perfect for deep focus & business meetings.
Funny Library Coffee Shop
Trendy but casual coffee shop serving Laughing Man Coffee (Hugh Jackman's coffee company - who knew?)
The Mission
Robin's Cafe
Charming coffee shop for anything and everything in the Mission.
Fox and Lion Bread
Cozy coffee shop for making yourself at home in Bayview.
Little Creatures Brewing Co.
Australian brewery serving up coffee, beer, and pub food by the ballpark. Not technically a coffee shop but it's so good we had to include it.
Noe Valley
Gourmet espresso bar & convience store for WFH days in Noe Valley.
The Mission
Colorful coffee shop & event space for a little bit of everything in the Mission.
Western Addition
Johnny Doughnuts
Minimalist donut & coffee shop for sweet tooths in Western Addition.
The Mission
The Crepe House III
Huge cafe for deep work in the Mission.
Russian Hill
Fueling Station Cafe
Hidden gem cafe for living like a local in Russian Hill.
The Mission
Stanza Coffee
Laid back coffee shop for busy work in the Mission.
The Marina
Cafe Franco
Hippie cafe for amazing views in the Marina.
The Mission
The Little Spot Cafe
Quintessential Mission cafe, perfect for WFH days. And of course they have VHS tapes for rent.
The Financial District
Caffe Bianco
Old school cafe for power meetings in the Financial District.
The Haight
Flywheel Coffee Roasters
Industrial coffee shop for espresso connoisseurs in the Haight.
Bernal Heights
Cafe St. Jorge
Instagrammable cafe for working lunches in Bernal Heights.