Our Mission

We help people find spaces that balance productivity and happiness. We want to be your go-to guide for finding great workspace, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our Story

What’s better than working in a beautiful office, designed by a famous architect and stocked with unlimited snacks? Not having to commute to an office at all!

We believe you should be free to choose when and where you work, so you have more time for everything else.

Companies that trust their employees with flexible work policies are winning. 84% of workers want location flexibility1 and companies that support remote workers have 25% lower turnover.2

We started Out Of Office to build the most trusted app for trusted workers.

1. Werk Enterprises, Inc. The Future is Flexible, 2018. https://werk.co/research

2. Owl Labs, Inc. State of Remote Work, 2017. https://www.owllabs.com/state-of-remote-work-2017

The Team
Kyle Ladewig Founder / CEO
Steve Flory Founder / CTO
Dave Glassanos Senior Engineer
Sze Wa Cheung Head of Design
Past Experience
Our Culture


We’re a remote, distributed team. That means we work where, when, and how we want. As an Out Of Office employee, you’re empowered to create a schedule that makes you most productive and ensures you take care of yourself and your family.


We don’t allow opinions, we require them. We believe in having “strong opinions weakly held,” and prefer “disagreeing and committing” over achieving perfect consensus.


In most offices, meetings kill productivity because they take too much time, don’t include the right people, or aren’t well-prepared. As a remote team, we err on the side of too many meetings and too much communication, since we don’t see each other all the time. Our safeguard against meeting overload is speaking up when meetings suck — and fixing or canceling them on the spot.


Our vacation policy is “take vacation.” We don’t have any rules for how much PTO is allowed per year.


Every employee is provided with whatever equipment is necessary to do their best work. As for expenses, our investors trust us to manage their money and we trust you to manage the company’s money.

Stock & Health Insurance

Every employee is offered stock in the company and health benefits, comparable to startups of similar stage and funding.

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Open Positions

We don’t currently have any open positions, but we love hearing from talented people and hiring opportunistically. Send a note to info@outofoffice.app.